​​Are there still “conflict” or

              “blood diamonds”?

Absolutely not, in Sierra Leone all diamonds are mined legally with licenses and all workers receive either a fair wage or percentage of winnings. Also, all diamonds exported are cleared through the GGDO (Government Gold and Diamond Office), where taxes are paid and Kimberly certificates are issued to confirm the stones are legal. Rough, un-cut diamonds require no duty to import into the U.S., Woodie and Melvina have between them transported many diamonds through customs.

The main reason Woodie is wishing to start the diamond safaris and a reality series is to show consumers the good that can come from diamond mining and buying with corporate responsibility, fair practices, and public awareness and to change the perception the movie Blood Diamond has left on this beautiful region.

One reason American Woodie’s workers love working for him is that he never asks them to any work he wouldn’t do himself. Also, Wild Diamond pays for countless children’s school fees and helps with medical expenses for family members of all workers.

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Pujehun District, Sierra Leone

The idea for Wild Diamond Safari was born after a discussion ‘American’ Woodie Butler had with the Minister of Tourism, a few government officials, and some local Chiefs about tourism or lack thereof in Sierra Leone. Most people in the United States and other western countries know little about Sierra Leone, other than the civil war, which center around the diamond trade and now the Ebola crisis. In fact, 99% of all persons Woodie talks with in the States, once they find out he is a diamond miner and diamond dealer, start the conversations off with “Is it dangerous like the movie ‘Blood Diamond?”

The fact of the matter is, Sierra Leone is in comparison, a very safe third world country, with wonderful people, beautiful landscapes and ocean views, and of course some of the best diamonds in the world. American Woodie’s concept is a site with a lodge and bungalows on the sugar sand beaches of Sulima and in diamond mining areas of Pujehun District to provide excursions to mining sites, as well as buying opportunities for guests wanting to learn about and experience firsthand the intriguing world of the rough diamond trade. 

Beyond the diamond excursions there are also numerous other sightseeing tours and adventure opportunities within the country. Type your paragraph here.


What is a Wild Diamond Safari?

    What is 'From Ground To Gown'?

Our newest program is called "From Ground to Gown" and American Woodie actually artisanal mines, finds, and delivers a diamond direct from the ground in Sierra Leone, to the bachelor or husband who then has it custom cut, all the while custom videoing the entire process while using the bride to be or wife's name. Never before done, " darling I had a guy scour the earth of West Africa, to find a diamond as precious and singular as you!". Customers can take it one step further, and make an undercover trip to actually pick the diamond out of a miners shaker!!

Wild Diamond Safari's motto,