What is the washing and kicking

that guest will participate in?

  • During washing process the gravel which is extracted is put through the washing plants and larger stones, sand, dirt, and other impurities are removed from the gravel, leaving a concentrate. This process usually take anywhere between         12 hours and 2 days, depending on the size of the plant and amount of gravel.

  • Once the washing is finished the boxes of concentrate are removed from the plant and turned onto a tarp.

  • 2-8 men do the kicking process or the “kick” with shakers (round wooden holders with screens on the bottom).

  • The tours will visit at least 2-4 kicks per day. And each guest will get two personal shakers, kicking for him or her at each stop.

Are guests guaranteed to find

their own diamonds?

NO, guest are not guaranteed they will personally find their own diamonds. But, Wild Diamond’s staff is comprised of employees and consultants with over 500 years of combined experience and 99% of them have grown up and mined their entire lives within 30-40 miles of the office. Also, we are constantly prospecting and do not set a shovel to dirt unless the area has had a significant and proven production. Also, Woodie never opened a pit that has not produced at least a few diamonds, and as they say here  “it takes only one shovel of gravel for a big diamond”. Wild Diamond will also contract with over 100 miners in the region to alert us when they are washing.

Now…. having said the above, Wild Diamond does guarantee guest will see diamonds and will have the opportunity to buy as many diamonds as they wish (if within reason and time constraints).

Can guests buy gold or other precious stones?

As with diamonds Woodie can buy any gold or other precious stones, from the women panning, miners, or brokers with larger quantities. If a guest gives Woodie a few weeks notice that they will want to buy gold also, then Woodie will make sure they can visit a gold panning area, as well as have gold brought to the office to purchase. 

What kind of diamonds can guest

find or buy?

Most of the diamonds that are found in Sierra Leone are white, coffee, and orange, but many fancy colors are also available in the certain areas of the country (in particular Pujehun District) including blue, green yellow, gold and the elusive red. The colors range from D-K, sizes average about 1.5 to 3 carats, but it is not uncommon to see 5, 8, 10, or even 15+ carat stones pop up. We also see a lot of 1 carat and below and industrial diamonds. The clarity in the areas we mine tend to be D-G. So in short, we never know what we will get, but it all has some value. Wild Diamond mines for all type of diamonds, but in the end game we are searching for larger stones, one or two perfect 10-20 carat stone can recoup all cost for an entire season. If we are lucky enough to find one early then the rest of the mining season is all profit.

While white diamonds are plentiful and beautiful, fancy colored diamonds consist of only 1 in 10,000 of the all diamonds in the world. There continues to be a decline in the production of colored diamonds, making them incredibly rare. The most common colored diamonds are yellow, whereas the green, red, pink and blue diamonds are found so rarely in nature that they are considered quite extraordinary. Woodie knows of a few areas that are capable of producing colored stones.

The Diamonds.

"Better a diamond with a flaw,

  than a pebble without"

  - Confucius