Where is Wild Diamond Safari

 Resort Solima?

  • Sulima is a town in the extreme south east of Sierra Leone, lying at the mouth of the Moa River. Originally a trading post in the nineteenth century, it has a large population of refugees from Liberia.

  • The main economic activities include fishing, rice-growing, oil palm plantations and diamond and gold mining. 

  • Pujehun District is located at the southeast corner of Sierra Leone bordering Atlantic Ocean in the southwest and the Liberia to the southeast. The climate is tropical with a wet and dry seasons. At the 2004 census the population of Pujehun district was 234,234[6] the estimated population in 2010 was 276,970.[6] The district has one of the lowest population densities of Sierra Leone, with most people living in villages of less than 2000 residents.

Wild Diamond Safari Resorts

What will the lodges be like?

The Wild Diamond Safari team will initially build a resort compound with nine bungalows (six for tours, two for extended trips and one for Woodie and his family) and a main lodge with a restaurant, bar, office, and an apartments for the manager and chefs, in Sulima, Soro Gbema Cheifdom, Pujehun District. These compounds will be self contained, and at least to a standard equal to nice South African safari resorts. Each will also have an office with safes, laptops and phones. Woodie will have an on-site bungalow adjacent the office and will split time between resort areas as needed.

​​                                     What are the Luxury Tents like?

Each luxury tent will have electricity 24/7, hot water, mosquito nets (though all rooms will be mosquito and bug proofed), and have a/c. Room service will be available 24/7 and a stocked fridge will be in each tent. Though internet will be available in the office, as per Woodie’s wish, each room will only have a LED television and a BluRay player but no satellite. And each bungalow will have a personal off-road ATV for use around the area.